Image of Texas state capitol in Austin, Texas. Used for Robert Peter blog about great day trips from Dallas, Texas.

Though there’s nearly an endless supply of activities to enjoy in Dallas, a plethora of day trip opportunities surrounds the city as well. If you’re spending only a weekend in Dallas, take time to explore the city itself and make plans to come back another time for some of the great day trips. But, if you recently moved to Dallas or are visiting for a longer period of time, definitely take a look at the incredible places close to the city!



Distance: 3 hours

Austin is located only a few hours from Dallas and also serves as the state capitol. Considered one of the most stunning capitols, visitors can take tours that are free to the public. You can choose a guided tour or wander around yourself, but either promises to be a great experience. Spend the rest of your day exploring the city and trying the great food.


Enchanted Rock

Distance: 4 hours

This park has the typical outdoor attractions, such as hiking and camping, but the true attraction are the rocks in the center of the park. Enchanted Rock is named for the giant pink granite rocks that visitors can climb, stargaze, or have a picnic at.



Distance: 2.5 hours

If you enjoy history and old homes, Jefferson is a town you have to visit. You’ll love the old, historic homes, some of which you can even tour. If you want to stay overnight, many of the older homes also serve as bed and breakfasts. Since Jefferson is located close to the Big Cypress Bayou, visitors can easily take a tour of the bayou in a riverboat as well.


Arbuckle Wilderness Park

Distance: 2 hours

The Arbuckle Wilderness Park is a perfect day trip for families; it’s home to many wild animals you’ll definitely get to see as you travel through the 200 acres of the park. Some of the animals even come up to your vehicle! If you go to this park, you might want to camp overnight at Turner Falls State Park since it’s so close and home to beautiful landscapes.



Distance: 1.5 hours

While Tyler is more commonly associated with business and retail in Texas, if you go at the right time of the year, you’ll see stunning fall leaves. You can drive around and look at the leaves or you can visit the Tyler Rose Garden, which is the largest in the country. If you choose to visit in the spring, the Tyler Azalea Trail is in full-bloom and makes for a beautiful walk.


Fort Worth

Distance: 40 minutes

Fort Worth is often referred to as Dallas’s twin city, but it has a much more laid back atmosphere than Dallas. The city contains an endless amount of cultural and historical attractions, such as museums, art galleries, and old houses and buildings.


Turner Falls

Distance: ~2 hours

Turner Falls is the largest waterfall in Oklahoma and just a short trip from Dallas. There’s a state park situated around the falls, which visitors can explore and hike the various trails. You’ll see caves, streams, beautiful plants and trees, and even have a chance to hike through portions of the Arbuckle Mountains. You can camp here overnight and there are even beaches and places to swim.