How to Get Involved with a New Community

sunset view of a city, image used for robert peters educator blog on how to get involved with a new community

Moving to a new community is a major step in anyone’s life, especially if you don’t know anyone there outside of your immediate family (or anyone else at all). No matter why you’re moving, whether for a job, for pleasure, or some other reason, it’ll be a huge adjustment. While it may seem difficult to branch out and get to know people in the community, it’s important to do so if you want to be happy in your new home. The best way to get to know other people and learn more about your community is by getting involved with events that take place there.

Volunteer somewhere

Every community is bound to have a group of philanthropies you can get involved with. Find a cause you care about and join the local group. You do not have to donate hours and hours each week; attending a couple of events and helping out or volunteering once a month gives you the opportunity to meet people and make a genuine difference in the community.

Start a new hobby

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, such as cooking, writing, or a certain kind of craft, start pursuing that interest now. You’ll be able to find other people in your community who are also interested in that hobby and you can start a club that meets regularly to work on their skills. Maybe there’s already an existing club in your area that you can join. Check the local library or community centers to find advertisements for these meetings. It’s a great opportunity to do something you’re interested in while also getting to know your neighbors.

Attend local events

By attending local events, you’re showing your support for the community and you’ll also get a better feel about the culture of your new community. Local events provide you with something to do and they’re often free or low-cost. You can meet people at these events and easily start a conversation! Whether it’s a fundraiser for a local charity, an event at the school, or a community-wide block party, attending local events is a fantastic way to get involved with your neighborhood.

Explore the neighborhood

If no events are currently happening, just take time to explore your new community. Take a walk one day and head to a local park or street where a lot of businesses are located. Take time to read flyers and check up on local news. The more familiar you are with where buildings and landmarks are situated in your town, the more at home you’ll feel.

Patronize local businesses

If you’re looking for somewhere to get food or need to buy groceries, consider patronizing local businesses. It provides a great opportunity to get to know the local business owners and also gives you a feel for what the neighborhood is like. You’ll see people who live around you and can also help the local businesses continue operating, which always makes for a healthier and happier community.

Best Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

One of the best parts about a new city is having the opportunity to experience all of the incredible food it has to offer. Dallas is no exception as far as culinary greatness is concerned. You can find a wide-range of incredible places to eat in Dallas, from casual food courts to fine dining restaurants. Look over this list and choose a place that appeals to you, or do research on your own to find other incredible restaurants in the Dallas area.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

One of the pricier restaurants in Dallas, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is sure to be worth the cost. It’s truly the best steakhouse in the city and visitors from all over choose to dine at this establishment. A family-run restaurant, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is dedicated to quality and service and never wants to disappoint customers. If the fine dining experience at the restaurant isn’t for you, keep an eye out for one of the Pappas food trucks!

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill

Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill takes pride in offering a twist on classic American dishes. Consider stopping by Kenny’s for brunch or to enjoy some of their smoked gouda mac and cheese. Kenny’s has other affiliated restaurants throughout Texas, such as Kenny’s Burger Joint, Kenny’s Italian Kitchen, or Kenny’s Smoke House.

Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge is considered one of the best barbecue joints in Dallas, and with good reason. Started by a couple who wanted to spend more time with family and honor traditions, Pecan Lodge was a small stand at a farmers’ market before it became the restaurant it is today. Sticking to traditional wood-firing techniques and family recipes has made Pecan Lodge a huge success and these are aspects the owners refuse to deviate from.

Jimmy’s Food Store

Known as an incredible Italian restaurant in Dallas, Jimmy’s Food Store has been delighting patrons for decades. Before opening this restaurant, the family ran a small grocery store that they continued running for years after the beginning of the restaurant. The current restaurant opened in 2006 after extensive fire damage destroyed the old store. Now, all kinds of Italian foods are served, from various Italian desserts to dishes specific to a certain location in Italy.

Easy Slider
One of the most recent restaurants on the list, Easy Slider started out as a food truck (and still has one driving around today). Now, the restaurant has a permanent location that patrons can visit to order their favorite sliders or sample some of the incredible new recipes.